Tuesday, 25 May 2010

And (almost) finally

I had to revisit the soundtrack yesterday. A few tweaks here and there mostly but I did manage to get a super-wet pouring sound at the end. The original sound was too literal for the project so I passed it through a granulator and tweaked it to make it more “impressionistic”. Unfortunately the computer crashed an hour in to the tweaking and I lost it all. I was so carried away with it that I forgot to save. Anyway, I started again. It was a bit like the fish that got away though. I’m pretty sure the original was a bit better than this version.
I’ve been exploring the delights of “non-additive dissolve” to move from one clip to another. It’s hard to predict quite what the effect will be but it can be quite beautiful. I have a colour melting moment from 2 views of a cafetierre about 32 seconds in.
The whole piece is finished now. I’ll post up a link on You Tube soon.

If you have been, thanks for listening.



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