Thursday, 20 May 2010

Coffee Blender

I’ve been working on the soundtrack. Using only the sounds of making coffee. I’ve made a drone from the sound of the fridge in the kitchen and timestretched other sounds, (kettle, pouring etc) out of all proportion. I’m cutting the images to the soundtrack - though they may not coincide. i.e. a pouring sound might be accompanied by an empty cup - non-aeasthesia if you will...
Since the assignment specifies that a narrative be followed I’ll provide that through the visual element of the piece. Again I can play with it to a limited extent – sugar can be added before or after the cup is poured for example. The soundtrack itself is quite atmospheric to my mind. I’ll add it to this blog though it’s subject to change if something visual really works, I’ll adapt that.
Later dudes
ps can't attach sound files here so I've made a film noir

pps no sound on these machines so I hope you can hear it..

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