Wednesday, 19 May 2010


Ok, Hello,
I've finally got time to concentrate on this project.
As usual, Computers are playing hell with my creativity - one of them starts at normal speed and grinds to a halt after 10 minutes, the other is too slow to work with in adobe premiere or after effects without the patience of buddha so I've had to come in to university to work on this today where the computers run a bit faster.
Anyway, I've got some of what I call interesting footage, (short example included). This is the view from underneath a cafetierre as I'm adding water to coffer granules. You can see more when its slowed down. I've started to use a new camera, a Sony Z7 - It's got a really good lens though I'm happy with the results with the little cannon handheld HD cam.
It's recently occurred to me that since I've chosen to film and record the act of coffee, my colour pallette is pretty much limited to brown and white... I'll see if I can to turn that to my advantage.

I've Been filming in the cottage kitchen, Trying to film steam, (not easy) got a couple of happy accidents, Like a stray mote of dust falling in front of the cafetierre, which I shall keep, (the footage, not the dust). I'm varying the speed of my film clips as well as exploring the chromakey function, not in the traditional sense but just picking a colour to allow another clip to show thorough. For example, I have some footage taken from beneath a cafetierre as I'm adding coffe granules. I'm using the colour of the granules to key another image so as the granules fall from the spoon, it looks a bit like I'm pouring the other picture into the cafetierre. I'll include that when I get it right....

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